Punta Mita Beach Clubs – All You Need to Know!

Punta Mita Villas

There are four exclusive beach clubs within the Punta Mita gates: Kupuri, Sufi, Sea Breeze & the Pacifico Beach Club. Punta Mita is a Luxury residential community on 748 acres located on a peninsula of the Mexican Pacific surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal shallow waters. Also, there are two golf courses on the Mexican Punta Mita Peninsula, one a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course. The peninsula boasts a 100% natural course that you have to get there on foot if you want to finish the game and score at the very last hole. Punta Mita has frequently featured in the Punta Mita living magazine, where you can find the most luxurious and exclusive residences for your friends and family. This magazine allows you to rent or buy a private, complete, and luxury living; Punta de Mita bay also offers a gamma of luxurious beach clubs located in the exclusive and beautiful Mexican peninsula and Litibú Bay.

Kupuri Estates Punta Mita

Kupuri Estates Punta Mita

Punta Mita offers exclusive and luxurious beach clubs like Kupuri; Kupuri is open from 12 PM to 5 PM. It offers not just fun and relaxation for adults. It provides a fantastic variety of water sports, games, and more for teenagers and kids. During the day, you can ask about the happy hour that Kupuri offers for its members and guests. Kupuri beach club also offers a BBQ beach night every Wednesday from 6 PM to 9 PM; if you love BBQ, this is a perfect place to have a delicious, luxurious beach experience.

Another luxury beach club located in the Punta Mita peninsula is Sufi; Sufi Ocean club opened its doors in 2017 at the Punta Mita pier. You can see the exclusivity and luxury Sufi beach club offers and experience the saltwater pool refilled daily. The Sufi beach club reflects the funny, tropical, and luxurious family-oriented Punta Mita lifestyle. Sufi has continuously special offers for members and guests. Members can have 20% off of every visit, 2X1 happy hour, and significant discounts in the entire area.

Sea Breeze beach club is part of the most luxurious and worldwide recognized St. Regis Punta Mita Resort. Sea Breeze beach club is exclusive for owners and their guests. Sea Breeze oceanfront beach club is a vanguard Latino concept that includes a selective gamma of gourmet hamburgers, ceviche, pizza, and more gourmet foods. You can experience a unique and relaxing beach day surrounded by a luxurious environment and delicious food. If you are looking for something more private in Sea Breeze beach club, you can access the private restaurant area that they offer for members and their guests.

Another luxury and very selective beach club is Pacifico beach club, designed just for premier members and the guests of renters; it offers complete and luxurious beach club services. You can overlook the Pacific Ocean in their gamma of selective and personalized Services from this beach club, including separate swimming pools for kids and adults, full-time restaurant service, children’s playground, beach towels, and more. All Punta Mita beach clubs offer these services and their private club services designed for each one of the members and their guests.

As you can see, the private beach club, selección, that Punta Mita offers for world travelers is trendy because of its gourmet selección, the beautiful white sand beaches, and shallow waters. Punta Mita México is the perfect destination for everybody to experience. I would recommend 100% visiting Punta Mita Bay and Litibú Bay.