How To Make Sure If A Luxury Villa Rental Is Child Friendly?

Vacation Villas For Family With Kids

Planning and preparation are crucial steps achieving a perfect family vacation. Especially to those who travel with kids, who need to be more equipped for the health and safety of the little ones. Regardless of the accommodation type you choose to stay, asking the reservation agent about all the kid’s facilities is very important. If you choose a luxury villa rental that is ideal for large family groups or a group of friends, here are a few questions you should always ask when going on vacation with your kids:

Is the villa safe for kids?
The first and most important questions parents should be asking the villa manager – is it safe for kids to stay in? When talking about the word safety, in this scenario, it means the safety of the property’s location. This is because some of the luxury villas are located in areas that can be dangerous for kids to play around within the premises. Sometimes the villa is situated right on the cliff to enhance the panoramic view from the property, which may not also be good for the active young ones who love to run around. Although there are of course villas built on a hill or cliffside that have spacious grounds that are safe for kids. Ideally, a beachfront villa would be perfect for anyone traveling with kids. You may also read the pros and cons of choosing between a hilltop and beachfront villa rentals.

Could the villa staff help to take care of the kids?
Some parents would want an alone time together and might seek some assistance in terms of taking care of the kids. In this case, ask the villa if they provide any kinds of babysitting service. This service is not normally available in a private villa, especially with limited villa staff. But some of the villas can offer a service by either outsourcing a concierge service, or they might have an in-house nanny service that would cost extra.

Is the villa chef able to provide a kid’s menu?
Another important thing guests should not forget to ask is about the food. Traveling to Mexico and enjoy the Mexican cuisine comes with pros and cons – get to see new things and get to try new things. For the food department, it is never easy for someone to adjust their preferences, especially for the kids. Also, many children cannot eat spicy food, or some just don’t eat vegetables so that’s why ones must always request the information about kid’s food. Normally, a private villa accommodation has a chef included. Whether the chef is an on-site staff or he can be provided with an extra charge. Please make sure that the villa chef can prepare meals for the little ones. Make sure to specify what children can or cannot eat and consult with the service provider to arrange all the things needed.

Is there a shallow kid’s swimming pool?
Most of the villa’s terraces have an elegant infinity pool, but how many of them have a child’s pool (in Spanish “Chapoteadero”? Not every vacation home comes with a swimming pool for children; Most of our villa rentals have an area where it’s shallow that allows kids to enjoy the pool with their parents.

What other kid’s facilities are available?
Many villas will provide a standard baby or kid’s facilities such as a high chair and a baby crib. However, if you plan to travel in a big group with more kids, make sure to request for more children facilities to be prepared. It is also good to know if the villa provides any kinds of other kid’s activities such as a playground, game- or playroom.