Christmas Season in Puerto Vallarta

Christmas Puerto Vallarta

Every year from the end of October Puerto Vallarta starts to shine even more brightly. The end of the rainy season announces the peak period for visitors from the US and Canada escaping the winter chill and the coastal town gets ready to welcome them.  Those of us lucky enough to live here all year round can’t help but join the buzz, now that the skies are clear and the temperatures oscillate around the 80’s into the 90’s every day, while humidity levels go back to a very comfortable average. Vallarta turns into a kaleidoscopic collage where all kinds of people mingle in harmony, with the common goal of making the most of a tropical Christmas by the Pacific Ocean.

With the arrival of the Christmas season, you can expect to see family life taking to the streets, attending the night performances in the Boardwalk’s amphitheater next to the iconic arches that cater for kids of all ages and range from dance exhibitions to comedy shows. Every artist in the area seems to find its place in this popular promenade, and when the evening comes, the Boardwalk comes alive with mimics and performers that will put a smile on your face with their imaginative creations, Mexican artists showcasing their colorful paintings, and the seemingly ubiquitous Tequila shops tempting you with their (not so) free shots.

Christmas Downtown Puerto VallartaLiving in Puerto Vallarta invites to be outdoors all the time, either walking about the streets and the several flea markets or strolling down Los Muertos Beach and Olas Altas to choose from dozens of restaurants the perfect dinner spot in front of the crashing waves.  Local specialties include seafood and fish ceviche, while great quality marlin tacos can be found at many different stands across town. The central artery of the Romantic Zone, Basilio Badillo, hosts a Farmer’s Market every Saturday and is a daily meeting point for expats coming and going about their business, shopping or simply having a coffee or a margarita in one of the many bars and coffee-shops lining the street while watching the world go by.

The Vallarta Theatre brings different kinds of performances to locals and tourists, taking into account the high percentage of American and Canadian snowbirds who may be interested in a cultural night out. “Fandango” is the name of the vernacular dance and music show appointed this Christmas season as the theatre’s main event. Theatre sources couldn’t confirm if tickets will be available for free this time, but it’s certainly a possibility. The Puerto Vallarta Men’s Chorus will be performing their Christmas songs on Dec 15th while the live broadcast from the MET (Metropolitan Opera of New York) on Dec 14th of Verdi’s Falstaff, directed by James Levine, will officially open the 2013-14 Christmas season. Nothing goes amiss in Puerto Vallarta’s social scene, make sure you dress up for the evening and make the most of this coastal resort always buzzing with the hedonism of the tropics.